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Free Hosting

Free PHP Hosting

Not only does the free web hosting plan offer PHP and MySQL support but it is in fact optimized for Joomla, Wordpress and many other popular PHP-based web applications.


Free Blog Hosting

With the free hosting plan and a free blog script, such as Wordpress, you are perfectly equipped to start blogging and you don’t have to worry about fees and payments, as it is all absolutely free.


Free Perl Hosting

If your website needs Perl or CGI support and you are looking for a free or low-cost hosting solution, then you are in luck. FreeHostia offers a rich-featured free Perl hosting. You can host your CGI scripts and you can be sure that all necessary Perl modules would be available with the free hosting plan offered by FreeHostia.com.


Free Domain Names

Register .COM Domains

.COM is one of the most original and widely used gTLDs (generic Top Level Domains) in the Internet. It is one of the first top level domain names officially introduces in the Internet space in 1985.


Domain Names Registrations

If you have the intention to create your own personal website but you are wondering what type of a domain name to use, the best sollution will be to go for a dot Name domain.


Cheap Dot Com Domain Name Registration

Because the .COM domain names are the most popular gTLDs (generic Top Level Domains) in the Internet, they are quickly becoming the most preferred choice for domain name registration.


Dedicated Web Hosting Servers

Dedicated Virtual Hosting

TVPS it is a virtual machine created on a normal, physical web server. The Virtual server has its own operating system, which is completely independent from that on the physical machine, which again allows the hosting user to have root access to the OS configuration files.


Dedicated Virtual Server

VPS is a virtual emulation of a web server that operates quite like a dedicated server hosting and is much more powerful than any shared website hosting account.


Virtual Dedicated Hosting

Types of Dedicated hosting. What is dedicated hosting? What is a virtual server? What can the VPS account be used for? What should the price for a VPS be? Features that a VPS plan should include. A Cheap Dedicated Virtual Hosting Service with a unique hosting interface.


Reseller Hosting Solution

Web Hosting Reseller FAQ

Beside the already mentioned mode of reseller hosting plans, there are also several different schemes that work just as fine. Still, they differ in terms of the degrees of involvement and the amount of money that each of them entails. If you visit ResellersPanel for the first time, it would be really useful to have a look at the FAQ page.


Reseller Web Hosting API

The free reseller web hosting program brought to you by Resellers Panel is one of the best reseller web hosting programs available in the Web nowadays.


cPanel Reseller Hosting Templates

Each and every cPanel reseller hosting package (the available packages are Plan1, Plan2, Plan3 and plan4), that Resellers Panel can offer you, comes with a different monthly traffic and disk space quotas.


Shared Hosting

Shared Hosting Server

Tthe webmaster needs to find a professional web hosting company for the site. Lonex and Freehostia are professional web hosting providers offering different types of shared web hosting like application or script oriented.


Shared vs VPS Hosting

Shared vs VPS Hosting. Make your choice and pick your server location between the United States, the United Kingdom, Sweden and Australia.


Hosting Server

The most fundamental and universally availed of type of hosting is the shared website hosting service. It constitutes a means to host your site without having to know much about programming and managing a server.


Virtual Private Server

VPS Hosting Provider

VPS service features- is there such a thing as Unlimited VPS hosting? Choosing a hosting provider- checking the company's background. VPS Operating systems. Working with the VPS- VPS management tools. A VPS hosting provider with a smart web hosting user interface.


Virtual Server Comparison

To fulfill the need for reasonably priced, but reliable hosting solutions, distributors initiated an intermediate web space hosting environment - the Virtual Private Server.


VPS Hosting Server

One of the advantages of handling a virtual private web server is that certain hosting Control Panel tools offer a reseller level of administration, so you can create and sell hosting plans.